A downloadable game for Windows

Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice. Help deliver a present to a dear person!

Length: ~30 minutes

Inspired by short games such as Melon Journey, Starbot, etc. Just a short game with simple puzzles and fetch quests.



Music Egg


TAM music factory



Hime Works


Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Cute, Pixel Art, Relaxing, RPG Maker
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Install instructions

Run the .exe file to extract the game files. 


Solstice Delivery 1.0.1.exe 13 MB


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What a lovely game!! You're incredible at using colors and making pixel style artwork. A fun treat with wintery vibes ^^ I look forward to see more from you!!

Thank you so much for the kindly comment!! :D


I played your game! It was short and sweet, a nice and cosy little game! Your pixel art and characters designs are adorable, and the music is beautiful and perfectly accompanied it. 

I love how the snowman guy destroys any snowman he comes across. I liked the simple exploration and puzzles (also, riding a broom is awesome!) 

There were only a few minor visual glitches I found: trying to walk on the ice or fallen tree sometimes doesn’t work unless you equip and unequip the broom. The footprints overlap a little when walking with the other party member. Also you can infinitely give flowers to that one person in town. But apart from those extremely small things, this game is mechanically sound and looks great visually, especially mapping. 

I follow your tumblr, I look forward to seeing your future works! 


Thanks for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it! (especially the puzzles which I was a bit worried about)

The glitch where the character can't walk over the ice happened when I test it too, not sure why this happens. I'll try to check  the events and find the cause of it 

I managed to fix the footprints,  turned out to be quite simple and idk why I didn't do that before haha ^^; as for giving flowers to the person, it was supposed to be like that so that you can see the other ending (do not get medicine) without having to play from the start, but I will put a warning if there is only one flower left so that you don't accidentally sell it  

Thank you so much for the very helpful and detailed review! :D 


I love the pixel art in this game! Only 15 minutes in, but it's very charming and sweet. 

Thank you so much! I'm happy to hear that you enjoy it :D